Geometry is extensively used in all kinds of
design and construction activities.

Examples are architecture, interior design, furniture.
Engineers/technicians working in almost all types
of technologies use geometry.
Physicist, Astronomers need to know geometry.

Plumbing & cabling is done using geometry.
All kinds of lighting & accoustic arrangements
involve application of geometry.

Planning & construction of roads is done by
using knowledge of geometry.
Maps are drawn using geometrical knowledge.

All kinds of navigational systems including
satellite based GPS(Global positioning system)
involve geometrical calculations.

Computer aided designing programs use geometry.

Even clothes are stitched using geometrical
measurements as they have to take a 3 dimensional
shape but are made from flat 2 dimensional cloth.
All kinds of resptacles, bags, packing etc. are
designed using geometrical ideas.

Geometry is also used in gardening -
estimating volumes of pits, making circular
or elliptical flower beds etc.

Even most of the computer games are written using
geometry extensively!